Thursday, October 22, 2020

Jade Residences Phase C Imus Cavite

Jade Residences Phase C is now open for reservation. So for those who are looking for an affordable townhouse in Imus, Cavite thru PAG-IBIG Financing, Jade Residences Phase C is best for you. 
Compared to Phase B, the available financing is in-house with a much higher downpayment and interest. 

So reserve now while there is still a unit left. 
At Jade Residences Phase C is also has a bigger lot and has a car park. 

The house turnover is bare and it has a provision for three bedrooms and two toilets and bath 
and with a car park. 

This is only the estimated sample computation. 
Lot area 54sqm. 
Floor area 60sqm. 
Total Contract Price 2M 
Reservation Fee 5,000 
Downpayment 200,000 
Downpayment X 12 months = 8,125 
PAG-IBIG Financing in 30 years = 11,000 (estimate only) 
Required basic salary is 30,000 above (combine income is allowed) 

Jade Residences Phase C

 Are you interested in making a reservation at Jade Residences? 

 Just comment below or call the numbers that flash on the screen.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Why is Phirst Park Homes different from others?

 Many say what is the difference or advantage of Phirst Park Homes with other housing projects?

So, if I am asked maybe the house to be delivered is fully finished at a reasonable price.

Even the middle household income can afford it. 

To help us better understand, Phirst Park Homes is proud that they are the only ones who have it virtues

and it is the 4C's that stand for Complete, Conceptive, Connected, and Convenient.

Now let’s take a look at what 4C means.

Phirst Park Homes 4C
1. Complete homes that are fully finished, secured, expandable, and provisioned. Here you get a finished interior with the proper ceiling, flooring, and bathroom fixtures. All you need to do is bring in your furniture and you are ready to move-in. Also, every home has a garage space for a compact car convertible to a garden if you wish. At Phirst Park Homes Batulao the SUV type of vehicle can fit in the garage because the lot area is bigger compared to other Phirst Park Homes projects. 

It is the first-ever development that has homes delivered with its own gate and perimeter fence for security and privacy. Provision for extending your home so you could choose to renovate adding 

an extra room and toilet and bath for your growing family.

These are the details of the house that you will see when you move-in:

  • Structure Load-bearing walls
  • Roofing Pre-painted long span roofing system
  • Wall partition Bedroom/Interior: painted drywall
  • Toilet & Bath: painted load-bearing wall
  • Wall finish Smooth painted finish
  • Ceiling Ground Floor: under-slab painted finish
  • Second Floor: painted boards
  • Flooring Vinyl planks
  • Bathroom Finish: ceramic wall and floor tiles
  • Fixtures: wall-hung lavatory and flush-type water closet with shower
  • Doors Main & service: steel door on steel jamb
  • Bedroom & Bathroom: PVC flush-type
  • Front & Side: Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Windows (sliding/awning type)
  • Rear: Powder-coated aluminum frame (jalousie type)
  • Stairs Concrete and wooden steps with steel railing
  • Utilities Provision for cable TV/phone, AC unit, second nd floor toilet and bath
  • Perimeter Fence Concrete wall and steel gate
  • Parking Provision for parking (provision for a compact car and SUV for Calista units)

2. Conceptive engaging and conceptive amenities that brought to life. 

Offer unique features that go beyond the basics. Apart from the usual amenities they also have activity nodes spread across the village. And for every subdivision, there is a specific themed for the amenities that will surely enjoy. They have amenities that promote the arts, encourage good health, build social development, and strengthen the community. For example, in Phirst Park Homes Bulacan they have life-size board games in Phirst Park Homes Lipa and Batulao they have traditional Pinoy games and they even have outdoor cinema as you can see below.

Central Amenities:

  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Wi-fi Area
  • Clubhouse
  • Main Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Water Play
  • Shower Area
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground
  • Bicycle Rack
  • Cycling Route
  • Jogging Lane

Activity Nodes:

  • Tumbang Preso
  • Piko
  • Patintero
  • Holen
  • Taguan
  • Essential Conveniences and Safety Measures for Quality of Life:
  • Roving Guard 24/7
  • Shop Houses for Retail
  • PHirst Stop
  • Board Up
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Concrete Perimeter Fence
There's also a lot of green areas when you and your family can hang-out.

3. Connected keep everyone connected to life essentials reaching people and places through a reliable internet service. Through wi-fi nodes, you can search and browse and do homework for students, and also you can keep in touch with your loved ones working abroad. And a better transportation service easier for you through a village shuttle in a reasonable fare that can take you to the nearest transport hub. A community that promotes a stronger bond amongst families and friends.

4. Convenient owning your first home is now easy through Phirst simplified buying process.

The price is very competitive, flexible payment terms, and worth-it especially with the quality of homes and amenities that you will get. For a very reasonable price, you get so much more in return. 

Here at Phirst Park Homes they make sure that owning your first homes is a convenient and guided journey by giving an easy buying and selling experience.

Have you ever got home in Phirst Park Homes?

What can you say?

Comment below on what you have experienced.

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