Monday, December 21, 2020

Jade Villas Townhouse in Imus Cavite

Jade Villas is the newest subdivision of Charles Builders located at Barangay Malagasang 1st City of Imus, Cavite. It is near SM Center Imus and Robinson Mall along Aguinaldo Highway.

This is also known as the Phase-C of Jade Residences expansion. This is the upgraded version townhouse of Jade Residences because of its additional features. The minimum lot area is 50sqm. while the floor area is 60sqm. Its additional features are that even the inner unit has its own car-park, the wall is painted inside and out, with ceiling, sliding windows, provision for three-bedrooms, and two toilets and bath. The available financing options are PAG-IBIG Financing and In-house financing.

The owner and developer of Jade Villas are Shang Land Devt. Corp.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Phirst Park Homes House Tour with Robi and Rosiedoms

Is it possible to check out the site at Phirst Park Homes to see the model houses even if you are 

just at home? 

Well, they are here our brand ambassador Robi Domingo with Rosiedoms to tour you in the model houses of Phirst Park Homes and also have an idea of ​​the so-called 4C's.

Watch the full video and you will definitely enjoy the many advantages of Phirst Park Homes.

Now you know that model houses can be seen even if you are just at home. 

You can also reserve online just call the numbers that flash on the screen to help you have a beautiful house in Phirst Park Homes and have the opportunity to be Robi Domingo's neighbor too.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Jade Residences Phase C Imus Cavite

Jade Residences Phase C is now open for reservation. So for those who are looking for an affordable townhouse in Imus, Cavite thru PAG-IBIG Financing, Jade Residences Phase C is best for you. 
Compared to Phase B, the available financing is in-house with a much higher downpayment and interest. 

So reserve now while there is still a unit left. 
At Jade Residences Phase C is also has a bigger lot and has a car park. 

The house turnover is bare and it has a provision for three bedrooms and two toilets and bath 
and with a car park. 

This is only the estimated sample computation. 
Lot area 54sqm. 
Floor area 60sqm. 
Total Contract Price 2M 
Reservation Fee 5,000 
Downpayment 200,000 
Downpayment X 12 months = 8,125 
PAG-IBIG Financing in 30 years = 11,000 (estimate only) 
Required basic salary is 30,000 above (combine income is allowed) 

Jade Residences Phase C

 Are you interested in making a reservation at Jade Residences? 

 Just comment below or call the numbers that flash on the screen.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Why is Phirst Park Homes different from others?

 Many say what is the difference or advantage of Phirst Park Homes with other housing projects?

So, if I am asked maybe the house to be delivered is fully finished at a reasonable price.

Even the middle household income can afford it. 

To help us better understand, Phirst Park Homes is proud that they are the only ones who have it virtues

and it is the 4C's that stand for Complete, Conceptive, Connected, and Convenient.

Now let’s take a look at what 4C means.

Phirst Park Homes 4C
1. Complete homes that are fully finished, secured, expandable, and provisioned. Here you get a finished interior with the proper ceiling, flooring, and bathroom fixtures. All you need to do is bring in your furniture and you are ready to move-in. Also, every home has a garage space for a compact car convertible to a garden if you wish. At Phirst Park Homes Batulao the SUV type of vehicle can fit in the garage because the lot area is bigger compared to other Phirst Park Homes projects. 

It is the first-ever development that has homes delivered with its own gate and perimeter fence for security and privacy. Provision for extending your home so you could choose to renovate adding 

an extra room and toilet and bath for your growing family.

These are the details of the house that you will see when you move-in:

  • Structure Load-bearing walls
  • Roofing Pre-painted long span roofing system
  • Wall partition Bedroom/Interior: painted drywall
  • Toilet & Bath: painted load-bearing wall
  • Wall finish Smooth painted finish
  • Ceiling Ground Floor: under-slab painted finish
  • Second Floor: painted boards
  • Flooring Vinyl planks
  • Bathroom Finish: ceramic wall and floor tiles
  • Fixtures: wall-hung lavatory and flush-type water closet with shower
  • Doors Main & service: steel door on steel jamb
  • Bedroom & Bathroom: PVC flush-type
  • Front & Side: Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • Windows (sliding/awning type)
  • Rear: Powder-coated aluminum frame (jalousie type)
  • Stairs Concrete and wooden steps with steel railing
  • Utilities Provision for cable TV/phone, AC unit, second nd floor toilet and bath
  • Perimeter Fence Concrete wall and steel gate
  • Parking Provision for parking (provision for a compact car and SUV for Calista units)

2. Conceptive engaging and conceptive amenities that brought to life. 

Offer unique features that go beyond the basics. Apart from the usual amenities they also have activity nodes spread across the village. And for every subdivision, there is a specific themed for the amenities that will surely enjoy. They have amenities that promote the arts, encourage good health, build social development, and strengthen the community. For example, in Phirst Park Homes Bulacan they have life-size board games in Phirst Park Homes Lipa and Batulao they have traditional Pinoy games and they even have outdoor cinema as you can see below.

Central Amenities:

  • Outdoor Cinema
  • Wi-fi Area
  • Clubhouse
  • Main Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Water Play
  • Shower Area
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground
  • Bicycle Rack
  • Cycling Route
  • Jogging Lane

Activity Nodes:

  • Tumbang Preso
  • Piko
  • Patintero
  • Holen
  • Taguan
  • Essential Conveniences and Safety Measures for Quality of Life:
  • Roving Guard 24/7
  • Shop Houses for Retail
  • PHirst Stop
  • Board Up
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Concrete Perimeter Fence
There's also a lot of green areas when you and your family can hang-out.

3. Connected keep everyone connected to life essentials reaching people and places through a reliable internet service. Through wi-fi nodes, you can search and browse and do homework for students, and also you can keep in touch with your loved ones working abroad. And a better transportation service easier for you through a village shuttle in a reasonable fare that can take you to the nearest transport hub. A community that promotes a stronger bond amongst families and friends.

4. Convenient owning your first home is now easy through Phirst simplified buying process.

The price is very competitive, flexible payment terms, and worth-it especially with the quality of homes and amenities that you will get. For a very reasonable price, you get so much more in return. 

Here at Phirst Park Homes they make sure that owning your first homes is a convenient and guided journey by giving an easy buying and selling experience.

Have you ever got home in Phirst Park Homes?

What can you say?

Comment below on what you have experienced.

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Treelane Villas in Imus Cavite

Treelane Villas is the newest housing project of Charles Builders in Imus, Cavite. It is located at Brgy. Bayan Luma V Imus, Cavite. 

It is a three-storey townhouse similar to La Terraza, the turnover unit also a bare finished type meaning the floor is plain cement and provision for four-bedroom and three toilets and bath. 

The minimum lot area is 52sqm. while the floor area is 94sqm. The location is good because it is near Aguinaldo Highway and Robinson Imus. The near establishments are Imus public market, SM Center Imus, SM Bacoor, private and public schools, hospitals, banks, churches, and other well-known business establishments.

This video is a perspective house design and layout of Treelane Villas townhouse.

It is a good opportunity also if you want to build a business because you can use the ground floor for commercial purposes.
The estimated price of the unit ranges from 2.8M to 3M and the possible downpayment is at around 
250K to 300K payable up to 24 months since it is on the pre-selling stage.
The reservation fee is only 5K.

Do not miss it while still in the pre-selling stage at a low price. Like Jade Residences, the downpayment is cheap but still buyers hesitant until it was just sold-out and did not get a house.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Phirst Park Homes your first fully finished house

Phirst Park Homes delivered a fully finished house once it has been turned over to the homeowner.

Apart from that, it also has its own fence and gate so you will not have any problems when you move-in, hassle-free. Phirst Park Homes Inc. (PPHI) is a joint venture company of Century Properties and Mitsubishi Corporation. The company aims to establish itself as a premium brand for first home development. PPHI envisions to be the leader not only in building affordable yet quality homes but also providing the platform to live a high-quality lifestyle without costing too much.

Robi Domingo is the newest brand ambassador of Phirst Park Homes and led the first-ever digital launching of the company in Phirst Park Homes Batulao.

So far, Phirst Park Homes has seven projects. The first is Phirst Park Homes Tanza located along Governor's Drive Brgy. Tanauan Tanza Cavite which now has available ready for occupancy units and limited inventories. It is also about 5 minutes drive going to SM Trece. This was followed by Phirst Park Homes Lipa located at Brgy. San Lucas Lipa, Batangas. At the back of LIMA Technopark. Then the Phirst Park Homes San Pablo located at Brgy. San Ignacio San Pablo City, Laguna near Meralco. 

From the south, we go to the north area which is Phirst Park Homes Pandi at Brgy. Poblacion Pandi Bulacan along Pandi-Sta. Maria Road. 

The fifth and also second project in Laguna is Phirst Park Homes Calamba located at Brgy. Palo Alto Calamba Laguna. The sixth and newly launched Phirst Park Homes Batulao located along 

Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway Brgy Kaylaway Nasugbu Batangas that we will focus on and do a lot of details. And the seventh and second project of Phirst Park Homes in North area after Phirst Park Homes Pandi is Phirst Park Homes Magalang at Brgy. Sto. Rosario Magalang Pampanga.

For now, I will give a lot of details and advantages why it is different and good to own a house and lot in Phirst Park Homes Batulao. 

Location: Phirst Park Homes Batulao is located along Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway Brgy. Kaylaway Nasugbu Batangas. The site is 80km away from Manila, 1-hour, and 42-minutes drive via Sta. Rosa Rosa-Tagaytay Road. It is a 20 mins drive from Tagaytay and a 42 min drive to the beaches of Nasugbu. And also the upcoming road project which is the Cavite–Tagaytay–Batangas Expressway


In fact, the land on which Phirst Park Homes Batulao is located is part of the Batulao Artscapes. 

The whole land has an area of ​​145.8 hectares and has its own phase. 

Phirst Park Homes Batulao is in Phase 4 and has a land area of ​​25.7 hectares.

Batulao Artscapes is proud to be the first liveable Artpark because of its world-class vacation amenities and well-planned expansive art-venture community. The houses are designed by multi-awarded architect Eduardo Calma and some of the respective international artists. If you want to know more information just go to

Batulao Artscapes is owned and developed by Century Limitless Corporation a CPG Inc. Company.

Now let's go to the nearest well-know landmark from Phirst Park Homes Batulao and most of them you are already familiar with,

  • Twin Lakes                                                                     06 minutes
  • Caleruega Church                                                          10 minutes
  • Skyranch                                                                        20 minutes
  • Robinson Tagaytay City                                                 20 minutes
  • Mahogany Beef Market and Bulalohan Tagaytay          20 minutes
  • Ayala Mall Serin                                                             22 minutes
  • Waltermart Nasugbu                                                      30 minutes
  • Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa                                            42 minutes
  • Matabungkay Beach Hotel Lian Batangas                    51 minutes
.... And this is the others:

  • Kaylaway Elementary School
  • Payapa National Highschool
  • Buck Estate
  • Tagaytay Montessori
  • Mendez-Nunez Montessori
  • La Belle Montesorri


  • Metropolitan Medical Center
  • Tagaytay Medical Center

Phirst Park Homes Batulao nearby tourist attraction

 Phirst Park Homes followed its brand pillars or 4C's in every project.

Phirst Park Homes 4C's

1. Complete finished homes with painted walls, flooring, layout and partitions, and individual perimeter fence and gate.

2. Conceptive because for each project they have their own specific themed amenity nodes for the family to enjoy. In Phirst Park Homes Batulao the concept is Traditional Filipino Games like in Lipa and including an outdoor cinema.

3. Connected to everyone's life essentials through wifi zone area and they even have a shuttle to bring you to a nearby transport hub.

4. Convenient Experience easy to own by the simplified buying process. 


Phirst Park Homes fully finished house

Now let's go to the model houses at Phirst Park Homes Batulao. 

We have Townhouses named Calista Mid or Inner unit. The minimum lot area is 50sqm. and the size of the house is 40sqm. 2-bedrooms and 1-toilet and bath. It is ideal for starting a family. If you love gardening, Calista End or Calista Corner is right for you because the minimum lot area is 75sqm. 

to 170sqm. and if it is a big lot possible the unit is a corner lot.

If you want a bigger house area we have also Calista Pair unit. Typical lot area is 100sqm. and big house area of 80sqm. With 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets and bath fits for siblings or those looking for a bigger house area and fits two cars.

You can combine 2 units or adjacent units (not back to back) and the house modifications will be done by Phirst Park Homes during the construction of the house.

And because Phirst Park Homes Batulao suited in a prime location and great place to relax.

It can also be a perfect place for a retirement home for the elderly. So it was great to get a 

Bungalow unit a one storey Single Attached house. Its minimum lot is 88sqm. and has a house area of ​​45sqm. Also 2-bedrooms and 1-toilet and bath. It can be extended horizontal or vertical so the result will be 5 bedrooms and 3 toilets and baths so it will be bigger and good for starting to a growing family.

Unna model house is for those who like exterior space and for a bigger family.

The minimum lot area is 88sqm. with 54sqm. house area.

Include 3 bedrooms and 2 toilets and bath.

All units are included of individual perimeter fence and gate. 

Phirst Park Homes Batulao SUV's type vehicle is fit in the parking space for some other projects 

only compact car fits. You can extend as long as you have a plan and approve it by the management.

Phirst Park Homes Calista Townhouse

Here are the house specifications:

Structure: Load-bearing walls

Flooring: Vinyl planks

Wall thickness: 4 inches

Wall finish: Painted finish

Wall partition: (Toilet & Bath): Painted load-bearing wall 

Height: 2.5 meters

Bathroom: Ceramic floor and wall tiles with fixtures


 (Main & service door): Steel door; with double lock

 (Bathroom):   PVC flush type

Windows:      (Font and Side): Sliding powder coated glass

(Rear):   Jalousie type

Stairs: Concrete and wooden steps with railings

Ceiling: Under-slab painted finish

Wall thickness: 3 inches

Height: (back): 2.2 meters / (front): 3 meters

Wall partition: (Bedroom/Interior): 

Painted dry-wall – Cement board

Ceiling: Painted finish ceiling boards

Utilities        Provision for cable TV/phone, AC unit, 2nd floor T&B


Pre-painted long span roofing system

Septic tank:  Individual

Perimeter Fence      Concrete wall and steel gate

Parking                    Provision for parking (SUV type vehicle for PPH Batulao)


Phirst Park Homes Batulao Amenities

All Phirst Park Homes have the basic amenities but each project also has its own unique conceptive amenity nodes. Phirst Park Homes Batulao projects its feature Larong Pinoy the same as in Lipa. Bulacan has life-sized board games, and Laguna health & wellness activities and also in Phirst Park Homes Tanza Cavite. Sites like Batangas have an outdoor cinema.

If you visit Phirst Park Homes Batulao you will be immediately introduced to the magnificent 

Show Village area. It includes the following:

  • Development Signage
  • Waiting Shed 
  • Drop-off area
  • Sales office
  • Marketing area
  • Calista Townhouses Model Units
  • Unna Model unit
  • Brenna Model unit (Bungalow)
  • General Parking 
  • Board-up
  • Water Tank

.... and Activity Nodes aside from the Central Amenities

  • Tumbang Preso
  • Piko
  • Patintero
  • Holen 
  • Taguan
  • Outdoor Cinema

Central Amenities 

  • Clubhouse
  • Main Pool
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Water Play
  • Shower room
  • Basketball Court
  • Playground
  • Wifi area

Activity Nodes or Traditional Filipino Games concept:

  • Tumbang Preso
  • Piko
  • Patintero
  • Holen 
  • Taguan
  • Outdoor Cinema

Other activity:

  • Bicycle Rack
  • Cycling Route
  • Jogging Lane

Safety and Secured

  • 24-hour manned security 
  • CCTV Cameras and Monitoring System at the main entrance
  • High reinforced concrete perimeter fence
  • Exclusive gated community with a guardhouse at the entrance-exit gate
  • Linear Parks and Tree-lined Alleys
  • Shuttle Service
  • Street Lighting and Signages    
  • Flood-free communitY
  • And there is a plan to build a Shophouses for rent.

Where everyone is connected to life's essentials There is a place for the free use of wifi and easy access to modern conveniences like shophouses in the selected area and shuttle to transport hubs.

Phirst Park Homes Village Shuttle



You will experience a simplified buying process. All you need when you make a reservation is a reservation fee and 2 valid id's that's it. For the loan process, just pass all the requirements and 

Phirst Park Homes will do the rest until you approved to the bank and move-in.

Phirst Park Homes Batulao is a relaxing place to live because of its naturally cooler weather, fresh air, and scenic environment. And also it will give you peace of mind it allows you to rest easy at night knowing that you've invested your hard-earned money in something that's built to last.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Estanzia Enclave Location Route Map

Transportation mode-toll fee-routes going to 

Estanzia Enclave for public and private vehicle this is estimate only to give you idea.

Via private vehicle

From MOA TO Estanzia Enclave

Access Road: Diosdado Macapagal Road to CAVITEX to  Antero Soriano Highway 

to Estanzia-Rebisco Blvd.

Distance: 28.90 kilometer

Travel Time: 46 minutes

Toll fee: P 64.00

Via public vehicle

From MOA To Estanzia Enclave Transportation Route:

From Estanzia Enclave Property to Antero Soriano Highway

From Antero Soriano Highway to MOA Access Road

Estanzia-Rebisco Blvd., Antero Soriano Highway

Mc Kinley Road

Distance: 29.20 kilometer

Tricycle         1.00 kilometer

PUB              28.20 kilometer

Travel Time: 56 minutes

Tricycle: 4 minutes

PUB: 52 minutes

Fare: P 75.00

Tricycle: P 40.00

PUB: P 35.00

Estanzia Enclave Location Map

Via private vehicle

From Makati CBD to Estanzia Enclave

Access Road:

Estanzia-Rebisco Blvd., Antero Soriano Highway, Cavitex

NAIAX, Sales Road, Metro Manila

Skyway, EDSA, Ayala Ave.

Distance: 36 kilometer

Travel Time: 52 minutes

Toll fee: P 109.00

Via public vehicle

From Makati CBD to Estanzia Enclave

Transportation Route:

From ESTANZIA Property to Antero Soriano Highway

From Antero Sorinao Highway to Mall of Asia

From Mall of Asia to MRT Ayala Station

MRT Ayala Station to Makati Business District

Access Road:

Estanzia-Rebisco Blvd., Antero Soriano Highway

Highway, EDSA Ayala Avenue

Distance: 37.30 kilometer

Tricycle                          1.00 kilometer

PUB                               28.20 kilometer

PUJ                                6.10 kilometer

PUB                               2 kilometer

Travel Time: 89 minutes

Tricycle: 4 minutes 

PUB: 52 minutes

PUJ: 23 minutes       

PUB: 10 minutes

Fare: P 100.00

Tricycle: P 40.00   

PUB: P 35.00

PUJ: P 13.00           

PUB: P12.00

Via private vehicle

From Ortigas to Estanzia Enclave

Access Road:

Estanzia-Rebisco Blvd., Antero Soriano Highway, Cavitex

NAIAX, Sales Road, Metro Manila

Skyway, EDSA

Distance: 40.9 kilometer

Travel Time: 68 minutes

Toll fee: P 109.00

Via public vehicle

From Ortigas to Estanzia Enclave

Transportation Route:

From ESTANZIA Property to Antero Soriano Highway

From Antero Sorinao Highway to Mall of Asia

From Mall of Asia to Ortigas Business Center

Access Road:

Estanzia-Rebisco Blvd. Antero Soriano Highway EDSA

Distance: 41.40 kilometer

Tricycle                            1.00 kilometer

PUB                                 28.20 kilometer

PUB                                 12.20 kilometer

Travel Time: 93 minutes

Tricycle: 4 minutes 

PUB: 52 minutes

PUB: 37 minutes

Fare: P 105.00

Tricycle: P 40.00    

PUB: P 35.00

PUB: P 30.00

By now you know based on the mode of transportation, price of toll fee and routes you can easily reach the Estanzia Enclave.

"Elanvital Enclaves is the lifestyle real estate brand of the Joy~Nostalg Group. Established November 2011, Elanvital Enclaves Inc. caters to middle income family providing first world lifestyle experiences that are created and enriched through suburban enclaves and complete home spaces".

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