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Casa Laguerta Stateland Socialized Housing in Laguna

Casa Laguerta is a socialized housing project from renowned developer, Stateland, Inc. in Barangay Laguerta in one of the fastest growing cities in Laguna, Calamba. The project encompasses 7.46 hectares of relatively flat terrain with modern architecture as design theme.
Casa Laguerta is available thru PAG-IBIG FINANCING .

Casa Laguerta Entrance Gate
Model House: RW 21


Casa Laguerta Sample Computation

    Model House: RW 21
    Lot Area: 33.25 sqm
Floor Area : 21sqm.
    Total Contract Price: Php 444,400
    Down Payment : Php 8,000
    Reservation Fee : Php 5,000
    Net of Down Payment : Php 3,000
    Installment Terms : 18 months
    Installment : Php 167

Pagibig Monthly Amotization is based on 4.5% for loan of up to Php 450,00. 
Rate is indicative only. Final Rate will be determined upon loan take out.
Monthly Amortization @ 25 years : Php 2,470.12
Monthly Amortization @ 30 years : Php 2,251.71
Note: Pagibig Charges not included.

  •      One Storey
  •      1 Toilet & Bath
  •      Living
  •      Dining
  •      Kitchen

House Descriptions :

     Plain cement finish
    Ceramic Tile finish on concrete slab.

     Load bearing hollow blocks wall (Painted finish , Plastered Finish)
     Costura Finish

     Ceiling - No interior Ceiling

     Flush hollow core door with cylinder type lockset.
     Plain PVC door with cylinder type lockset.

     Front - Aluminum sliding window.
     Rear - Jalouse window.

     Kitchen Counter
     Reinforced concrete plain cement finish.

    Roofing - Pre- Painted long span rib type roofing.


 Casa Laguerta Features and Amenities :

Main Entrance
Multi Purpose Hall
Concrete Roads
Main Road = 10.00m Right of Way Minor Road = 6.50m Right of Way Alley = 3.00m
      • Perimeter Fence
      • Reinforced Concrete Drainage Pipes
      • Centralized Water Distribution Deep Well   with Elevated Water Tank
      • Meralco Electrical Distribution System with Concrete Pol

Casa Laguerta Site Development Update as of March 20,2014 .
Status : Pre-Selling .
A perfect view of Mt. Makiling .
Refreshing/Fresh Air
Nearest to Mother Nature
Peaceful Community.
Accessible .
Near Public School .
Investment/Portfolio .
Typical For Start-Up Family .

Casa Laguerta Vicinity Map

Casa Laguerta is a modern inspired design that closes to Mother Nature , since this is affordable yet good quality home, Stateland ensures the quality of its products as it strictly adheres to the standards of the Structural and Building Code of the Philippines. 
Casa Laguerta is a good investment  specially for a single to small start-up family .


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gran Avila in Calamba City, Laguna

Gran Avila is the latest economic housing project of renowned developer, Stateland, Inc. in Barangay Majada in one of the fastest growing cities in Laguna, Calamba. The project encompasses 16.25 hectares of prime land, inspired by modern-themed architectural designs.

The subdivision is divided into five phases with residential units that provide flexibility and comfort to its future residents. Stateland’s adherence to quality, meticulous workmanship and compliance with industry standards in land development are evident to this economic housing development.

Each house model offers various modern designs with flexibility and functionality. These homes are built with careful attention to detail to assure the integrity of each structure. Stateland homes are stronger and more durable that create structural soundness to suit the growing needs of their homeowners.




LEGATO Model ROWHOUSE Sample Computation

Lot area       47sqm.
Floor area     25sqm.

Total Contract Price       Php 662,300
Reservation Fee        Php 7,500
Net Downpayment      Php 139,407
Downpayment 24mos.  Php 5,808.63

PAG-IBIG LOAN          Php 583,000
25 years                      Php 3,936.46
30 years                      Php3,684.96

Stanza Model Townhouse Sample Computation

Lot area       58sqm.
Floor area     43sqm.

Total Contract Price       Php 1,025,500
Reservation Fee        Php 10,000
Net Downpayment      Php 187,040
Downpayment 24mos.  Php 7,793.33
PAG-IBIG LOAN          Php 919,000
25 years                      Php 6,486.51
30 years                      Php 6,104.87

SOLO Model Single-Bungalow Sample Computation

Lot area       84sqm.
Floor area     36sqm.

Total Contract Price       Php 1,034,200
Reservation Fee        Php 15,000
Net Downpayment      Php 128,736
Downpayment 24mos.  Php 6,130.29

PAG-IBIG LOAN          Php 982,000
25 years                      Php 6,931.18
30 years                      Php 6,523.38

ALTO Model Single-Attached Sample Computation

Lot area       114sqm.
Floor area     60sqm.

Total Contract Price       Php 1,586,000
Reservation Fee        Php 15,000
Net Downpayment      Php 391,675
Downpayment 24mos.  Php 18,651.19

BANK LOAN          Php 1,269,360
25 years                      Php 12,130.66
30 years                      Php10,617.43

Gran Avila Features and Amenities :

Modern Inspired Design
Landscaped Main Entrance with Guardhouse
Multi-Purpose Hall for Meetings, School Gatherings and Recreations
Landscaped Children’s Playground with Play Equipment
Landscaped Main Open Space
Perimeter Fence

Road Works
Concrete Roads (Right of Way)
12.00m              8.00m              6.50m
Drainage System
Underground Reinforced Concrete Drainage Pipe (RCDP) System Including Cross Pipe
Water Supply
Centralized Distribution System with Elevated Water Tank
Electrical System
Meralco Electrical Distribution System with Concrete Pole


Gran Avila Site Development Plan :

Gran Avila Vicinity Map :

Avila is the highest provincial capital in Spain. It is well known for being the “City of Saints.” Stateland converges the concept of being a place of saints and modern architectural theme that is perceived to be timeless and harmonious community.These ideas evolved into Gran Avila.

About :
Gran Avila is strategically located amid the greeneries of the South and the sprawling commercial establishments in the area. Initially developed and introduced last 2013, Gran Avila is an economic housing project of Stateland, Inc. that seeks to provide quality and affordable homes to the Filipino people. Its affordable cost, modern architectural design, landscaped areas and enviable location make it a suitable community for every families.

Calamba, Laguna – PROPERTY developer Stateland, Inc. once again ventured in economic housing project through its latest development, the Gran Avila. The 16.25 hectares of prime land was publicly launched last March 1 and was graced by Mayor Justin Marc SB. Chipeco and Pag-IBIG Fund President and CEO Atty. Darlene Berberabe.

For more News and Updates about Gran Avila you can visit here ....

Friday, March 21, 2014

Noble Hills in Anabu II-D Imus City, Cavite

Noble Hills located in Anabu II-D, Anabu Kostal Road,Imus,Cavite
Besides Elizabeth Seton School
Near Anabu Kostal Wet and Dry Market,SHOPWISE and PUREGOLD Anabu , where everything you need is just a few steps away .
Great location , easy transportation 24/7 such as jeepneys,provincial buses,UV EXPRESS ....
Developed by Unibest Realty Corporation with prestige and family dynamics in mind, a great portion of the land area is designated for the amenities where families can bond and unwind.
The essence of modern living in an exceptional community.

Noble Hills Model Houses

Kindly click the image to EN-LARGE

Unit-B Model House and Floor Plan
Unit-C Model House and Floor Plan
Unit-D Model House and Floor Plan

Interior Finish

Site Development Plan

Vicinity Map

About :

The Noble Hills Subdivision is the peaceful community you would want your family to come home to. The 49,000 square meter master-planned residential development comprises of 290 houses classified in 5 modern contemporary themed house types and a strategically allocated commercial spaces bringing the community nearer the places of needs and interests: retail shops, restaurants, coffee shop to name a few.

 The amenity complex includes the Adult and kiddie swimming pool, pool deck area, barbeque area, playground, activity/ exercise area, water fountain, covered basketball court, function room and landscaped walk area.

The Noble Hills Subdivision project is intended to provide low density city living among starting families to get hold of their dream houses in the most affordable yet notable way. Our developer wants to help the traditional bed spacers or renters be in possession of their own houses than wasting money for the rentals. And with the objective of designing a residential sanctuary that ensures the residents’ and guests’ comfort and pleasure are met to a satisfying level. Having your dream residence starts with a first step, let us walk you through it in a noble way.

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