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Pacific Terraces Community - South

ACM Homes Pacific Terraces Community (PTC) South in Carsadang Bago, Imus, Cavite, one may now experience vast open spaces and green areas. 
You can enjoy playing basketball court surrounded by grass-covered amphitheater-type steps, flex your green thumb in the greenhouse for edible and ornamental plants, and earn while you learn at livelihood seminars. Use the grass-covered checker board play area for exercise sessions or birthday celebrations and run around the bamboo forest-inspired playground area with steel poles.
 Pacific Terraces Community South "Now, a green community you can call HOME" .

Pacific Terraces Community South (PTC) Sample Computation 

ASPEN                     2-storey
2 Bedrooms
2 Toilet and Bath
CHERRY                   2-storey
3 Bedrooms
2 Toilet and Bath
SYCAMORE           2-storey
4 Bedrooms
2 Toilet and Bath
 Lot Area (sq.m.)  105 sq.m.  185 sq.m.  158 sq.m.
 Floor Area (sq.m.)  90.7 sq.m.  110 sq.m.  140 sq.m.
BDO : (20-80)   
Total Contract Price  2,695,734.80   3,467,459.49  4,299,062.90
Loanable Amount Total  2,156,587.84   2,773,967.59  3,439,250.32
Equity  539,146.96   693,491.90  859,812.58
Less  :  Reservation Fee  30,000.00   30,000.00  30,000.00
Equity Balance to be Amortized  509,146.96  663,491.90  829,812.58

Monthly Equity

Est. Bank Charges Includes
(1st year annotation, MRI, FI )
 (12 mos.)

 (12 mos.)

 (12 mos.)

Estimated Monthly Amortization @
6% interest per annum
(fixed for 1 year)       
(Excludes Monthly MRI & Fire
Insurance Premiums)

10 Yrs  26,550.37  30,969.26  38,182.74
15 Yrs  20,806.34  24,269.15  29,022.35
20 Yrs 18,058.29   21,063.70  24,639.86
Required Net Monthly Income :
10 Yrs  75,859.00  88,484.00  109,094
15 Yrs  59,447.00  69,341.00  82,922
20 Yrs  51,596.00  60,182.00  70,400
LAND BANK ( 10 - 90 )   
Total Contract Price  2,695,734.80  3,467,459.49  4,299,062.90
Loanable amount  2,400,000.00  3,100,000.00  3,700,000.00
Equity  295,734.80  367,459.49  599,062.90
Less  :  Reservation Fee  30,000.00  30,000.00  30,000.00
Equity Balance to be Amortized  265,734.80  337,459.49  569,062.90
Monthly Equity  (12 mos.)
 (12 mos.)
 (12 mos.)
Est. Bank Charges Includes
(1st year annotation, MRI, FI )
 72,000.00   93,000.00  111,000.00
Estimated Monthly Amortization
@ 7.5% fixed for 1 yr       
(Excludes Monthly MRI & Fire
Insurance Premiums)       
10 yrs  28,488.43  36,797.55  43,919.66
15 yrs  22,248.30  28,737.39  34,299.46
20 yrs  19,334.24  24,973.39  29,806.95
Required Net Monthly Income :
10 yrs  94,962.00  122,659.00  146,399
15 yrs  74,161.00  95,792.00  114,332
20 yrs  64,448.00  83,245.00  99,357

Pacific Terraces Community South (PTC) House Detailed Specification

Foundation                Reinforced concrete (buhos)
Ground Floor             Reinforced concrete (buhos); slab-on-fill; ceramic tile finish
Second Floor             Reinforced concrete (buhos); slab-on-fill; vinyl strips
Roofing                      Pre-painted tilespan on structural steel framing
Wall                           Concrete Hollow Blocks(CHB) for exterior wall and toilet wall; fiber board for
                                   2nd floor    wall partition
Ceiling                       Fiber board
Doors                         Flush-type wooden doors; panel type for main door; PVC door for toilet and bath
Windows                    Steel casement with grills
Stairs                          Wooden planks on pre-fabricated steel staircase with wrought iron balustrade
Exterior                      Fully painted
Interior                       Fully painted
Toilet and Bath          Tile finish; flush type water closet; porcelain china fixtures
Kitchen                      Tile finish counter top with cabinet; stainless steel kitchen sink
Septic Tank                Individual

ACM Homes goes beyond building quality houses. We care about our residents and that is why we build intelligently planned amenities that will transform all subdivisions into living communities. In addition to the usual amenities such as clubhouse, swimming pool, playground, and basketball court, ACM Homes introduces features and activities that create a positive impact to the community's welfare.


    Greenhouse - Unique feature in the communities, ACM builds greenhouses with "edible landscaping". These greenhouses contain fruits and vegetables which will be harvested and used to start a livelihood project for the residents to sell at the community organic market.

    Bamboo forest-inspired play area - Create a safe community where you can mingle with your neighbors. Enjoy the greeneries while you unwind in the bamboo forest-inspired park. It can also serve as a multi-purpose area where families can hold parties and celebrate other milestones in life.

    Outdoor gym - Providing your family with a good life and a future goes beyond providing them with a house. You want your family to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. This we can help you achieve through our outdoor gym. No need to pay for hefty gym membership fees. Enjoy the wind and the sun while staying fit and healthy in our outdoor gym.

Basketball court with grass-covered amphitheater-type bleachers

    Checker board park

 Multi-purpose hall with reading rooms

Pacific Terraces Community South (PTC) 

Site Development Plan

Pacific Terraces Community South (PTC) Vicinity Map

From                                                                   To PTC South

Manila                                                                     18.00 kms
Makati                                                                     16.00 kms
Ninoy Aquino International Airport                         14.00 kms
Alabang                                                                     8.75 kms
SM Bacoor                                                                3.00 kms
Robinson's Imus                                                        1.50 kms
Makro Imus                                                               2.00 kms
Imus Wet & Dry Market                                             1.00 km
Imus Cathedral                                                          0.80 km
Josephine's Resort & Water Camp                            2.50 kms
Island Cove Resort                                                    2.00 kms
De La Salle University and Hospital DamariƱas        9.00 kms
Orchard Golf & Country Club                                     6.00 kms

Pacific Terraces Community in Imus, Cavite. ACM Homes has forged a strong partnership with the Philippines Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTC), one of the largest crew management companies in the country, to carry out the latter’s corporate social responsibility commitment to “build lives and secure the futures” of seafarers and their families through building affordable, quality homes.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pacific Woods West Ready For Occupancy Townhomes

"Magkaka-BAHAY na Tayo!"

Located at Barangay Carsadang Bago, Imus, Cavite.

Affordable Townhomes in Imus City, Cavite .
In Pacific Woods West, we make your dreams of the perfect starter home come true by combining affordability and quality. Located in the heart of Imus, it is a well-planned low density community.

With its efficient yet stylish design, each charming town home unit was designed with young families in mind. It is the perfect place to make dreams and live dreams for you and your family.

 Pacific Woods West Townhomes , offer's two (2) affordable model townhomes :
Floor Area: 43 square meters
Lot Area: 72 square meters
2-storey townhome (outer unit)
Provision for 2 Bedrooms; 1 Toilet & Bath

Floor Area: 43 square meters
Lot Area: 48 square meters
2-storey townhome (inner unit)
Provision for 2 Bedrooms; 1 Toilet & Bath

    Main Entrance Gate 
        Marketing Flyer

 Pacific Wood West Townhomes Sample Computation
House Model     Sunflower    (Inner)
Lot Area     48 sqm
Floor Area 43 sqm
Total Contract Price     1,293,998.00
Loanable Amount Total     1,035,198.40
Equity      258,799.60
Less  :  Reservation Fee     10,000.00
Equity Balance to be Amortized     248,799.60
Monthly Equity     (3mos) 82,933.20
Est. Bank charges (inclusive of annotation, first year  MRI,FI)      31,055.95
Estimated Monthly amortization @ 6% fixed for 1 yr   
(Excludes Monthly MRI & Fire Insurance Premiums)
10 yrs     12,743.67
15 yrs     9,986.44
20 yrs     8,667.33
Required Net Monthly Income :
10 yrs     36,411.00
15 yrs     28,533.00
20 yrs     24,764.00
Total Contract Price     1,293,998.00
Loanable Amount     1,100,000.00 1,100,000.00
Equity      193,998.00
Less  :  Reservation Fee     10,000.00
Less : Equity Discount     50,000.00
Equity Balance to be Amortized     133,998.00
Monthly Equity     (6mos) 22,333.00
Estimated Monthly Amortization  @ 5% fixed for 1 yr   
(Excludes Monthly MRI & Fire Insurance Premiums)   
10 yrs     11,667.21
15 yrs     8,698.73
20 yrs     7,259.52
Required Net Monthly Income :   
10 yrs     38,891.00
15 yrs     28,996.00
20 yrs     24,199.00
Total Contract Price     1,293,998.00
Loanable Amount     1,000,000.00
Equity      293,998.00
Less  :  Reservation Fee     10,000.00
Equity Balance to be Amortized     283,998.00
Monthly Equity     (3mos) 94,666.00
Estimated Monthly Amortization      8.50%
(Includes  Monthly MRI & Fire Insurance Premiums)
20 yrs     9,928.23
25 yrs     9,302.27
30 yrs     8,939.13
Required Net Monthly Income :   
20 yrs     28,366.37
25 yrs     26,577.91
30 yrs     25,540.37
Pag - Ibig Monthly Contribution 500.00
Turn-over Unit

Pacific Woods West is now only 45 minutes away from Makati because of the newly opened Cavite Expressway (Cavitex), the extension of Coastal Road, which directly connects Manila and Cavite. It is also easily accessible via Daang Hari. It is only one ride away to Imus town proper and is close to major shopping areas, schools, churches, and hospitals.

ACM Homes Corporate Profile

Established in 1992, ACM Homes (ACM) is a fast-growing and profitable housing developer focused on the high potential areas of Cavite and Batangas in Southern Luzon. ACM has low and medium cost residential developments spread over fifteen (15) projects in Cavite and Batangas, comprised of more than 10,000 housing units already completed and delivered. The house and lot packages in these projects range from 300,000 to 3,500,000. Additionally, there are available inventories in ongoing projects good for the next five years. Its clientele are primarily end-users and first-time home buyers.
A strategic marketing alliance has been forged with Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTC), one of the country's largest crew management companies. PTC partnered with ACM to carry out its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program on the latter's expertise in the OFW market and belief in transforming housing projects into living communities. This partnership enables the company to exclusively tap the demand potential of the nearly 35,000 officers and crew deployed by PTC annually.
The company was founded by Antonette de Guzman, Carol Osteria, and another partner, Mia Gentugaya who used the beginning initials of their first names as the company name. The first two were expatriates working in Hongkong while Gentugaya is a senior partner in one of the country's top law firms. Osteria was a senior executive at Chemical Bank where she did investment banking. De Guzman was a regional director for Credit at The Elder's Finance Group. Gentugaya is not active with the operation of the company, but she remains as a consultant for ACM.
The Company has a professional management team with varied and complementing experience in housing development, marketing, finance and operations. Management is overseen by highly experienced and competent Board of Directors with relevant and diverse background and expertise.

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Shore Residences by SMDC

SMDC, the number 1 Real Estate Developer in the country introduces its newest project in Mall of Asia Complex, the "SHORE RESIDENCES". Shore Residences is a 3.3 hectare development, 4 Buildings with state of the art amenities and facilities.

Everyday is a vacation at Shore Residences! There's nothing quite like a vacation at your very own home, not only does your home have a personal resort but your entire community extends outside to the Mall of Asia and surrounding parks and commercial areas.





Imagine yourself living the life you want, pampering yourself, having your own home and space near the bright lights of the city and at the same time near the summer breeze of the beach...
Well, you should start imagining SHORE RESIDENCES because everything is only minutes away from you including commercial center, establishments, hospitals, schools and the famous Mall of Asia Complex where you can find all the things you need.

If you missed the chance to earn through investing in the two previous SMDC condos: SEA & SHELL RESIDENCES in the Mall of Asia Complex, now is your chance to earn and double your investment in just 3 years with SHORE RESIDENCES by SMDC. You can earn through rentals based on the SMDC Condo Projects location where the PAGCOR CITY Grand Entertainment Bay Area, Solaire Resort & Casino is already operating & by next year, BELLE GRANDE RESORT & CASINO will also be operational. The biggest coliseum in the City - SM's The Arena has already become a venue for so many major international concert artist and even the NBA Asia Tour. More and more tourists are frequenting and visiting these places and going on rental rates for the first SMDC condo project SEA RESIDENCES are up at 
Php 25,000 because of these developments.

                              Sample Computation of Shore Residences (1 bedroom)

Every single day, SM touches the lives of millions of people through its stores, malls, banks, and hotel and leisure facilities. Now too, Filipinos can live in style comfort and convenience at SM Development Corporation (SMDC).
SMDC commits itself to provide access to luxurious urban living through vertical villages perfectly integrated with a commercial retail environment, giving its resident's access to a truly cosmopolitan lifestyle.
SMDC properties are strategically situated in key areas across Metro Manila specifically the Central Business Districts of Makati, Ortigas, Quezon City, Pasay and Paranaque.

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Nostalji Enclave Site Development Plan

Lately, we have posted some of the development and constructions updates of model houses are on-going together with the perimeter fence and board up fence .
This is the site development plan of Nostalji Enclave, the details shown below is for your own preference if you are planning for a future investment with Nostalji Enclave .

Click the image to enlarge

Site Development Plan

 You can see the whole Project view including the area location of the 1 hectare space allocated for the amenities only such as:

* Clubhouse
* Function Room
* Multi-purpose Hall
* Kitchenette
* Male and Female Lockers
* Property Management Office
* Provision for Community Store
* Lap Pool
* Kiddie Pool
* Chillax Pool
* Deck Pool
* Hilltop Gazebo
* Play Lawn
* Pavilion
* Basketball Court
* Seating Moulds
* Children's Play Ground
* Palarong Pinoy Courts

For November open units with Site Development Map you may refer here @

The designated areas for Townhomes, Village Homes and Estate Homes, as well as the Main Entrance Gate, Main Road and areas which are possible to have Linear Park are visible when you zoom the site development plan image .
Viewing of our Townhomes Model with interior Designs/Dressed up unit will be available soon on JANUARY 2014. YES!! AS SOON AS THAT!!
That's why we are encouring everyone to schedule Site Tripping with us for possible investment.
For more informations about Nostalji Enclave Site Development Map
and updates you may refer to

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SHDC Affordable Housing in General Trias Cavite

SummerHills Home Development Corporation (SHDC) the owner and developer of Heneral UNO,
Heneral DOS, Centro De Oro and Rio De Oro.
The Socialized and Affordable Housing Arm of SM Property Group .
Located in Brgy Pasong Kawayan II, General Trias, Cavite .
Surrounded by big cities of Cavite namely, Bacoor, Dasmarinas, and Trece Martirez .
45 minutes drive from Edsa, Pasay and Mall of Asia (MOA) via Cavitex.
35 minutes drive from Alabang via Daang Hari.
After successfully sold-out of their project in Heneral UNO , Heneral DOS is now open for Sale .
Heneral Uno and Heneral DOS the only socialized housing project in Cavite that offers a mid lot-cut
of 60sqm. of its affordable price start at Php 400,000.00 compare to other socialized housing project
but small lot-cut with the same value of total contract price . 

Heneral DOS


Lot area 60sqm.
Floor area 21.25sqm.
Total Contact Price Php 420,000
Reservation Fee Php 2,500
14 Months Downpayment Php 2,954
30 years Monthly Amortization Php 2,977
Heneral DOS


Lot area 72sqm.
Floor area 28.75sqm.
Total Contact Price Php 750,000
Reservation Fee Php 3,000
14 Months Downpayment Php 5,402
30 years Monthly Amortization Php 5,459


  •     Entrance gates with Guard House 
        Multipurpose Hall 
        Neighborhood wet and dry market 
        As much as 1 hectare stretch of Linear Park 
        Basketball court 
        Density at 100 units/ hectares, proudly one of the most eco- friendly community
        Health center Daycare center
  •     School 
  •    Transport Terminal


  •     Provision for carport
  •     Expansion area good for 2 bedrooms
  •     Steel casement windows
  •     Panel door at main
  •     Plastered and painted exterior & interior walls
  •     1 toilet and bath

Heneral UNO - Heneral DOS Gallery

Heneral UNO Site Development Plan


Affordable Units
Joint venture project of Banco De Oro (BDO)
and SHDC .
Project Size : 11 Hectares
Also available Residential Lots Only :
BDO (In-house and Deferred Cash)
SHDC (Pag-ibig, Bank and Deferred Cash)


Swimming Pool
Covered Basketball Court
Tennis Court
Project Offerings :
Single Attached : MARIE Model
(LA: 100sqm. / FA: 30sqm.
Pag-ibig Financing
Single Attached with Loft :
(LA: 100sqm. / FA: 50sqm.
BANK Financing
Centro De Oro


MARIE Bungalow

Lot area 100sqm.
Floor area 30sqm.
Total Contact Price Php 924,000
Reservation Fee Php 5,000
6 Months Downpayment Php 5,987
30 years Monthly Amortization Php 7,759


Lot area 100sqm.
Floor area 50sqm.
Total Contact Price Php 1,276,962.00
Reservation Fee Php 10,000
12 Months Downpayment Php 10,969
15 years Monthly Amortization Php 11,494



Site Developmet Plan


Located in Brgy Buenavista I, General Trias, Cavite .


Affordable Units
Joint venture project of Banco De Oro (BDO)
and SHDC .
Project Size : 39 Hectares
Also available Residential Lots Only :
BDO (In-house and Deferred Cash)


Swimming Pool
Covered Basketball Court
Tennis Court
Project Offerings :
Double Attached : PAULINE Model
Pag-ibig Financing
Single Attached with Loft :
BANK Financing



Php 3,622.50/SQM. Php 3,300/SQM.
Total Contract Price Php 434,700.00 Total Contract Price Php 330,000.00
Reservation Fee Php 10,000 Reservation Fee Php 10,000
24 Months Net Downpayment Php 3,205.83 24 Months Net Downpayment Php 2,333.33
10 years Monthly Amortization Php 5,399.55 10 years Monthly Amortization Php 4,099.53
Cash Payment within 30 Days
Deferred Cash (24 Months) 0% Interest
5 years @ 12% Interest Rate
10 years @ 14% Interest Rate
20% Downpayment
Spot 20% DP (30 Days)
Less RF of Php 10,000
12 Months/24 Months @ 0% Interest
80% Balance


Why General Trias, Cavite ?

General Trias Cavite is considered one of the new frontiers of
growth and development in CALABARZON (Cavite,Laguna,Batangas,Rizal and Quezon) area .
Industrialization has become the centerpiece of the municipality's
development plans and programs. Several major industrial estates,such as
Gateway Buisness Park, a world class business community in Javalera and
the New Cavite Industrial City (NCIC) in Manggahan, have chosen
General Trias to be their base .
Built Up Area :
With the continous expansion of Metro Manila, the municipality is now
included in Manila built up area which reaches Lipa City
in its couthermost part .

Heneral Uno, Heneral DOS, Centro De Oro and Rio De Oro is a joint venture project of
Banco De Oro (BDO) and SummerHills Home Development Corporation (SHDC) .
The Socialized and Affordable Housing Arm of SM Property Group and the owner and developer
of the said socialized housing in General Trias, Cavite

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