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Monday, July 8, 2013

Nostalji Enclave Project Timetable

Last time  i already posted About Nostalji Enclave Cavite Housing Project .
I detailed what is the project concept , the home value package,features and amenities ,location and other  important information .
Now, lets go back to summary ,
Nostalji Enclave promotes Filipino culture and traditions especially the Palarong Pinoy
which commonly played by the young children on the past decades .
Kids used to gather in the streets or in their neighborhood playground to play their favorite Larong Pinoy games like saranggola,piko, patintero, taguan, tumbang preso, siato, luksong tinik, and more .
These has been their regular and popular pastimes, as well as the favorite games of their parents and grandparents until new and modern forms of entertainment has taken over the interests of young kids.
Because as of  today most of the young age influenced with computer games,gadget and high-tech technologies .
Nostalji Enclaves also bringing back the romantic memories of our sweet and memorable young age by creating a well-planned
Romantic Gardens,Picnic Grove,Community Core with Active, Socila and Relax Zoning area.
Among other features and amenities are already
discuss on my previous post .
Site Development plan mirror's the "KITE' which is one of the highlight of the project .
It also offers "the first fully furnished housing project" in Cavite which is the
best selling house and lot package in Cavite .
To all the buyers already invest to Nostalji Enclave, here is the timetable that you must consider
as your referrence .
  • Land Development                                        April to November 2013
  • Energization - Water                                      May 2013
  • Main Gate Construction                                May to August 2013
  • Landscaping                                                 August 2013
  • Model House Construction                           June to October 2013
  • Secondary Gate Construction                       June to July 2013
  • Sales Office/Training Center                          October 2013
  • Community Core                                          October 2013 to February 2014
  • First Batch of House Construction                3rd Quarter of 2014
Timetable can be change without prior notice ...

Investment Proposal for Lot Only and Advantage Townhomes

 Lot Only 100 sqm. Lot Area 50 sqm.
Floor Area 69 sqm.
Bank Financing Bank Financing
Total Contract Price 800,000 Total Contract Price 1,620,000
20% Downpayment 160,000 20% Downpayment 324,000
Less Contract Fee 20,000 Less Contract Fee 15,000
 Net Downpayment 140,000 Net Downpayment 309,000
12mos. Downpayment 11,666.67 12mos. Downpayment 25,750
80% Balance Payment 640,000 80% Balance Payment 1,296,000
5 years Monthly Amortization 13,130.88 Transfer Cost 105,300
10 years Monthly Amortization 7,935.36 20mos. Transfer Cost 5,265
- - 10 years Monthly Amortization 12,939

Some say " the value of real estate rises and falls "
But not today because it will not fall again, but it will continue to rises in a limited period of time.
That's the advantage of pre-selling stage when it comes to real state ...

Nostalji Enclave Calendar of Activities

Grand Investment Day - July 20,2013 Saturday
Venue - Alabang Town Center
Time - 1pm to 6pm
Grand Launching Day - July 27,2013 Saturday
Venue - Acacia Hotel Alabang
Interested , reserve your seat and contact us today .

More coming updates and activities will be delivered with Nostalji Enclave .
so you must bookmark this site . 


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